5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Library Provided

By: Jill Fisher
Grimes Public Library

When you were a kid, what did you use your library for?

   -“I went for books. I didn’t go that often, though.”

   -“We didn’t have one in my town.”

   -“I went to the library for the summer reading program. I would take the bus to the downtown library to work on school reports, too.”

If you have one of the above perceptions of libraries, you could be missing out on the best of the library.

For centuries, libraries lent books, magazines and periodicals. They were a place to study, research and write papers for school. Today, librarie

s embrace the age of information, technology and entertainment, offering more than ever before.

Check out our list of 5 rarely used but extremely useful products and services available:

  1. Chilton’s Auto Repair GuideTwo clicks on the library’s website and I am ready to choose a make, model and year of my vehicle. I can view repair manuals, recalls, and an owner’s manual. Within 30 seconds, I had a free guide for changing the brakes on my 2003 Saturn Ion.
  2. Device Troubleshootingmake an appointment with a librarian and see if we can figure out what’s going on with your
    tablet, smartphone or laptop before paying hundreds of dollars at a computer repair shop. Sometimes it’s a quick fix, or learning the correct process.
  3. Career Advancement—use your library card to access free practice tests and ebook guides for hundreds of professional exams. Also available are materials for college and graduate school entrance.
  4. Vacation Planning —why pay a travel agency or guide when the library holds the information for free? We have over hundreds of updated travel guide books to almost everywhere in the world. Want to go to Scotland? Grab a guide, learn Gaelic for free online (see our website for details), then check out a DVD player and DVDs to entertain the kids on the plane. Oh, and you can use a computer at the library to book your trip.
  5. Garden Like a Master—Check out a garden plot and grow your own produce. Its free and the library offers monthly classes led by a Master Gardener to help you learn the ins and outs of successful gardening. Got questions? Our last session of the season is September 23rd at 2pm. Join us and ask away!

The Library strives to offer all services and products for free to the public. Take advantage and learn how you can take advantage today. Our staff is here for you; no question or request is too big or too small for us!