Future Development

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New Building Project Milestones

11/2020  Grimes City Council will be meeting in November and December of 2020 to determine project funding.

03/2020  COVID-19 Outbreak.  Project has been put on hold.  Grant funds have been diverted to food banks, shelters, and other organizations.

10/22/2019 City Council voted to sign a contract with the architect firm INVISION for the new library.

10/8/2019 – Grimes City Council approved the new library project with a signed resolution.  We realize the library was not the only city item on the L.O.S.S.T. ballot.  In wanting to be good stewards of the monies and to help the monies be utilized in other ways, the library will also seek grants and private donations.

8/27/2019 – During the City’s strategic planning process, a new library building was made a top priority.

8/06/2019 – L.O.S.S.T. passes!  This allowed the Library project to become a reality.

City of Grimes Comprehensive Plan

Needs Analysis

Review the actual needs analysis report that was compiled. This information is what formed the recommendations for the new building project.

Grimes Space Needs 2010 as accepted March 16 2010

Grimes Building Program as Revised by the Board May 24 2018