Every Child is an Artist! – DSM Children’s Museum

The Des Moines Children’s Museum is a new local nonprofit organization with the goal of opening the first children’s museum in the Des Moines metro area. Right now, they operate as a museum without walls – this means they bring fun and educational exhibits for children right here to our community. Join the DSM Children’s Museum at the Grimes Public Library for their exhibit, “Every Child is an Artist.”

This exhibit will offer children a variety of ways to explore art and creativity.  A still life station will provide examples of still life art, materials for children to create and display their own, and easels and drawing materials to draw their creations.  A sculpture station will offer examples of sculptures, play doh and sculpting tools to create their own, and stands to display their masterpieces.  Creative Crates will be available for children to explore with art tools on their own!

Early exposure to art is a vital part of early childhood education.  Allowing children the freedom to create their own artwork is beneficial in the development of decision making skills, build self-esteem,  fine motor development, and socio-emotional development.

The event is finished.


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