Canceled Health Care Power of Attorney Workshop

Attorney Cynthia Letsch’s free workshop is just the ticket to ensure your advanced directives are legally in order. Register for a 1.5 hour workshop where you will learn about two kinds of powers of attorney: Health Care Power of Attorney and General Durable Power of Attorney. Both are important documents, but this workshop will focus on the Health Care Power of Attorney.

Participants will be provided with a fill in the blank Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will (Advanced Directive), and HIPAA release. It is important that you provide your full legal name and your date of birth when registering because your name and birthday will be pre-printed on your document. You will leave the workshop with a fully completed and signed Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, and HIPAA release.

Although it is a fill in the blank document, it is not a generic document. This document was designed by Cynthia Letsch at Letsch Law Firm, P.C. Her firm practices extensively in this area. Throughout the workshop an attorney will lead you through the comprehensive document and assist you in making choices for filling in the blanks. Since you will be asked to make some decisions at the workshop, it would be wise for you to consider these decisions in advance of the workshop.

1. Who will be the person you want to make healthcare decisions for you IF you are not able to make them for yourself? It may be your spouse, any family member, or even someone who is not a family member. The person does not HAVE to live near you. You should choose someone who will be able to make a good decision for you, and implement the decisions you have already made, even when there are highly charged emotions involved. After all, if some else is making decisions for you, things are not going well.

Chose at least one back up person who can be the next in line in case the first person cannot or does not want to do it for you. Bring the name, address, and phone numbers of these people with you.

2. If you ARE going to die shortly, AND in a coma, or a vegetative state, AND cannot communicate: do you want to be kept alive by artificial means and/or receive medical treatments ONLY to keep you alive (not to cure you), such as having a blood transfusion, a pacemaker installed, dialysis, chemotherapy, invasive surgery, etc? There will be a table for you to complete where you approve or deny specific medical treatments that are designed only to keep you alive longer. Give some thought to whether or not you would like you have or withhold these types of treatments. There are no right or wrong answers. It is up to you.

3. If you are sick or injured, which people are allowed to talk to the care providers (doctors, nurses, etc. ). This will include the person you have listed as the person to make decisions, but it can also include other people. They are not decision-makers. They are just being given permission to find out about your medical condition. For example, you may want to name your spouse, all of your children, some or all of your in-law children, other relatives such as siblings and/or grandchildren. You can even name people who are not related to you. The form has room for about 6 people, but you can squeeze in other names. Try to limit your list to less than 10 people or bring a list on a separate piece of paper, and we will reference the list within your document.

Registration for the May 15th class is now open!

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