Artful April

Join us virtually as we explore the world of art. Each Friday, learn a new art technique and create a mini masterpiece!  Stop by the library each Friday for your craft kit while supplies last!

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Friday, April 2nd: Chalk Creations

What is in your kit?!

Chalk Pastels: Have you ever used chalk pastels before?  It is different than sidewalk chalk but just as fun. 

  • Your kit includes 1 piece of pastel chalk for you to experiment with.  Use any color of paper you like and get creative!  Don’t have paper? We can provide you with some just ask at the front desk!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint: Follow these instructions to create your own paint!

  • Your kit includes 1 piece of sidewalk chalk and 2 Tbsp of cornstarch.

Friday, April 9th: Watercolors

What is in your kit?!

Homemade Watercolor Paints:  Did you know you can create your own watercolors at home?!  Click the link for instructions

  • Your kit includes baking soda, sugar, cornstarch and vinegar!  All you need to add is your choice of food coloring.

Friday, April 16th: Print Art

What is in your kit?!

Make your own art stamps:  Here are some great and super easy instructions on how you can create your own stamps!

  • Your kit includes 1 wooden block
  • Several foam pieces to use as a stamp
  • You can also use different objects from around your house like buttons or different shapes you create out of cardboard, or paper.  Get creative!

Friday, April 23rd: Collage Creations

Create your own paper collage from items found around your home! 

Friday, April 30th: Sculpture

What is in your kit?!

~Your kit includes 3 different colors of air dry clay!~

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