GPL makerSpace: What is that??

Posted on: February 01, 2019 | By: grimes

By Fionn Hutchins

You have heard the term “maker” and have seen the advertisements for the Grimes Public Library makerSpace, but what is a makerSpace and what does it look like at Grimes Public Library?

The Maker Movement is an educational concept that emphasizes hands-on learning by giving learners the opportunity to use and explore tools and technology. Through this exploration we can become creators and not just consumers of innovation.

Many schools and libraries are creating designated areas dedicated to this kind of learning. A makerspace is a great place to expand curriculums and explore new skills.

The Grimes Public Library makerSpace consists of two maker-carts located in the Library’s meeting room.  Our librarians provide guided exploration of maker tools during library events, but the tools are always available for patrons to use, too!

You can find out what is in the makerSpace by looking through one of our Maker Menus located in the Library or by visiting the makerSpace page on our website (under Resources). Ask a Librarian to “check out” makerSpace tools to use within the Library. Then, explore! Once you are finished, return the tools to the tool carts.  

Use of the makerSpace is not monitored by a Librarian, and age limits are based on unsupervised use. We have created short videos, available on our website, showing how to use our tools. See the makerSpace page of our website for more information including videos and tutorials.


Current makerSpace Offerings

  • Art Drawer (all ages)
  • Pattern Blocks(ages 3+)
  • Lego® Classic (ages 4+)
  • Strawbees®(ages 5+)
  • Makedo(ages 6+)*
  • Perler Beads(ages 6+)
  • Cubelets(ages 8+)
  • MYNT3D Pen(ages 8+)*
  • Makey Makey® (ages 8+)
  • Needle Felting(ages 9+)*
  • Lilypad Sewable Circuits (ages 10+)
  • Tool Drawer(ages 18+)
  • Sewing Machine(ages 10+)
  • Cricut®(ages 10+)