5 Ideas For Giving Back This Season

Posted on: December 06, 2017 | By: grimes

This time of the year, many individuals search for ways to give back to the community, hoping to help those less fortunate than themselves. Below is a list of 5 effective places to donate this season:

  1. Hyatt Middle School Bus Pass Program—Many parents work multiple jobs and struggle to make ends meet, often relying on public transportation to keep their job. For just $17, you can provide a one month bus pass to a struggling parent. Hyatt Middle School provides low income bus passes to parents because it is proven to help keep middle school-ers in school. Program contact is Dr. Deborah Chapman. Email her at Deborah.chapman@dmschools.org, or call -242-7774.
  2. Dallas Center-Grimes Education Foundation—Help our school district support education and shape successful future adults. Programs such as this are vital to the success of underprivileged students. Go to www.dcgeducationfoundation.org.
  3. Food Bank of Iowa—The food bank is always in need of donations. But, did you know the Food Bank can make a monetary donation go further than a food donation? With monetary donations, the Food Bank can buy groceries in bulk, feeding more people for less money. Vist Foodbankiowa.org and find out how your donation can help people in Grimes have a meal this holiday season.
  4. National Alliance on Mental Health—recently ranked as a “Top 100 charities most likely to change the world,” NAMI is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with a brain disorder and their families. Help change the world and donate: www.namigdm.org.
  5. Urban Dreams—A safe haven serving Polk County’s economically depressed areas, this organization has a host of different programs crucial to helping those in need. Visit urbandreams.org to learn more.