Easy Access Public Computers

Posted on: November 22, 2016 | By: grimes

After months of planning and research, we have implemented a new system for our public computers. The format is completely new, and more user friendly than ever before.

Logging In

Now, when you come to the library to use one of our computers, you can log on to any computer that has a blue “Available” screen with your library card number. You no longer need to wait in line at the front desk for a computer pass!

Of course, if you are just visiting and don’t have a library card, you can stop at the desk to pick up a guest pass.


Our new system allows for printing to be entirely private and user directed. Printing follows this SIMPLE four step process:

  1. Send your printing to the Print Release Station.
  2. Release your printing from the Print Release Station.
  3. Insert coins into the automatic coin and bill machine.
  4. Pick up your printing from the Public Printer.

Our new system allows for all print jobs to be completely private and individualized. No one else can access your print jobs, and you cannot accidentally access someone else’s print jobs. As always, staff are on hand to help you when questions arise.

Mobile Printing

Another new feature is the ability to send print jobs to our Print Release Station from anywhere in the world. There are two ways to get your document printed:

  1. Send it via email to our printer.
  2. Submit the job via our unique website that is connected to our printer.

Once the job has been submitted, you can come to the library at any time to release the print job. For more information on this service, visit https://www.grimes.lib.ia.us/wireless-printing/.

Stop in today to learn more!