Bedtime Math

Posted on: April 19, 2016 | By: grimes

Parents uncomfortable with math may be less likely to sit down with their child and read a word problem than they are to sit down and read a book, but this reluctance to bring math into the home is showing in children’s schoolwork and test scores. Bedtime Math is a non-profit gaining national attention for its simple approach to breaking the math divide!

Bedtime math is available to parents year round via their website, apps for android and apple, and Bedtime Math books (available at the library.) However, we are having a special summer challenge in addition to our Summer Reading challenge to introduce parents and kids to this wonderful and free resource!

Math problems are available in different difficulty levels: wee ones, little kids, and big kids, so even your littlest ones can get involved!  Past problems are available it you can’t stop at one! Simply place a gold star on your Bedtime Math worksheet each time you complete a math problem, and bring in your completed sheet for a special prize!


Good Luck Mathematicians!