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Language Websites

Some free websites to help your child learn a foreign language:

The Literacy Center Education Network:
This site offers games that help teach basic concepts like letters, numbers, shapes and more in four different languages: Spanish, French, German, and English.

Digital Dialects:
Flash-based games that teach basic and more advanced concepts with more than 50 different languages available.

Language Games:
Is it possible to learn while playing games? This site offers word searches, crossword puzzles, and hangman in all of the most common languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Scholastic Teachers:
This site features some great Spanish learning games. There are games to test memorization skills, grammar, math, vocabulary, and overall knowledge.

Vocabulary games:
This website has multiple games having to do with foreign language vocabulary. There are word matches for English, French, German, and Spanish, as well as a common foreign phrase meaning game, a Spanish math game, and a Spanish/English color match game.