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Use a Computer

The library has 8 public computers: 2 MACs, 5 PC's, and 1 filtered PC with Internet access and Microsoft Office 2007 available.

Please stop at the check-out desk to sign up for a computer.  If you don't have a library card, just show us your ID and you may sign in as a guest.

 Time limits

Computers may be used in 1 hour increments.  If no one is waiting for a computer after 1 hour, you may use the computer for an additional 1 hour time slot, up to 4 hours per day.

 Age limits:

Minors (17 years and younger) must have a parent/guardian's signature on file to use the computers, with the parent/guardian designating either filtered or unfiltered access. 
Children in the 2nd grade and younger must be accompanied by an adult 14 years or older to use the computers
Programs available on our computers:
Internet access
Microsoft Office 2007, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint 
Adobe Reader
Printing is 10¢ per page for black and white, $1.00 per page for color.  You are responsible for everything you print.
Nothing may be saved on the computer's hard drive.  
You may save your work on your own floppy disc, CD, or flash drive.  
We have 2GB USB drives available for purchase for $9.00.
Additional restrictions:
If you have more than $4.00 in fines on your library account, or if you have an item overdue by more than 21 days, you will not be able to use a computer.   


Let us know if you need assistance with a computer.  If you need some help, you can sign up at the check-out desk for an individual instruction time.